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Research into a multipulse facility to boost the efficiency of electromagnetic reformation

In the MultiPulse project, a test facility is being built to generate multipulses. This test facility is to serve as the basis for a subsequent research project. The project is being run by Bremen University and its partner, ZARM Technik AG.

The new facility is to be used to study in depth the temporal and spatial interrelationships of cause, effect and retroaction during a reformation of sheets and to investigate countermeasures in the field of electrical engineering and control technology. The aim is that in future electromagnetic reformation will also be able to be used efficiently for thin high-tensile sheets.

The project was financed with funding from the European Union and the State of Bremen, the Senator for Climate Change Mitigation, Environment, Mobility, Urban Development and Housing Construction, the Applied Environmental Research funding programme.

ERDF Bremen 2014 - 2020
Degree of priority / area of funding
Priority Axis 1 – The Innovation Axis
Specific objective 2: Boosting the R&D and innovative capabilities of companies in Bremen
Total volume of money (in €)
Proportion of funds
of which private-sector funding from ZARM Technik AG: €10,000.00
of which ERDF funding: €160,024.80
09.05.2018 - 30.04.2019
City of Bremen
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