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Redesign of Hemelingen Bunker

Restauration of the mural

In the course of the work on reshaping the Hemelinger Bahnhofstrasse, the mural on the bunker is also being redesigned. Hemelingen in a map of the world with a special focus on Europe: the basic idea of the mural on the Hemelingen bunker has remained the same. Following clearance of the area in front, scaffolding will be built up around the façade of the bunker at Hemelinger Bahnhofstrasse 29 on 5 April. Once the façade has been thoroughly cleaned, artist Jürgen Schmiedekampf will get to work on restoring the mural he painted in 1986. In comparison with the old mural, however, the new one will be much more detailed, and will highlight features from Hemelingen’s past, such as the bell foundry. The restoration of the mural should be finished by the end of May. Subsequently, the area in front of the bunker is to be modernised in line with the proposals of the architects Lepère and Partners. The pavement will be extended right up to the bunker, a bench will be installed on the cobbled area, and the mural will be illuminated at night. All of this will be finished in good time for the Hemelingen summer festival on 25 June 2005. The project is funded under Objective 2 and is being realised by Gewoba in cooperation with the Senator for Internal Affairs and the Senator for Culture.