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The ERDF app

Download it now and find out about Europe in the State of Bremen!

The ERDF app to find out about, explore and document ERDF-funded projects in the State of Bremen is now available. From urban development to commerce, the environment, R&D and equal opportunities: the app displays the many different areas in which ERDF funding is helping projects to take shape.

The app is available free-of-charge from the following links for smartphones and tablet PCs for Android and IOS devices:

The map:

A map shows the locations of the projects, and different colours indicate the theme of the project.

The map can be moved by swiping and zooming. The “own location” button centres the map on the user’s present location and uses a blue circle to highlight nearby projects.

Tapping the project marker opens up a flag bearing the name of the project. Tapping it again opens up the project description.

The filters

Filters are available to adapt the display to the user’s personal interests, offering various perspectives on the ERDF funding in Bremen.

They can be activated and deactivated by tapping the filter buttons. These open a filter menu listing the available themes; it is also possible to filter by programming period or to set one’s own filter.

The catalogue

The catalogue display lists all the projects in alphabetical order. They can be browsed through by horizontal or vertical swiping. The alphabetical list at the bottom of the screen makes it possible to skip quickly through by selecting the first letter of the name of the project.

Filters can also be placed on the catalogue.

Activating the user’s own location sorts the projects according to their distance from that location. The project preview tells you how far away the project is. The desired distances can be set in the bar at the bottom.

Tapping the project preview opens the project description.

The project description

The project display consists of a project description with an introductory image, a list of project facts and a gallery for pictures uploaded by the public. The content can be browsed via horizontal swiping.

Tapping the introductory image opens up a media gallery which can be browsed by swiping horizontally.

The photo button in the top right-hand corner gives users the chance to document and publish their personal view of ERDF-funded projects. To this end, a photo of the relevant project can be taken and uploaded. Following a check by the Senator for Economics, Labour and Ports, this is published in the gallery for pictures taken by the public.

Further details and the legal basis can be found in our terms and conditions.