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  • Study and pilot projects: Gröpelingen DVD

Study and pilot projects: Gröpelingen DVD

A DVD was produced at the end of the neighbourhood improvement scheme (2005/2006) and the “Nebenzentren” immediate action programme (2004/2005), and also for the URBAN I EU programme (2001), highlighting the possibilities and limitations of urban development, taking selected case studies from Gröpelingen as examples.

In detail, the DVD focused on the opportunities and risks of sustainable development and a critical view of the overall situation and the successes.

In filming a project assisted with ERDF funding, the Gröpelingen DVD was a new approach. The success of the DVD showed that the visualisation and filming of successful projects reaches different target groups and attracts different attention than texts or even images. This finding was a building block which resulted in a contract with the Fine Arts College for filming of the 2007-13 ERDF programme, based on the implementation of innovative formats.

In Gröpelingen, the focus was particularly on the Local Culture project. This was originally a project of the URBAN I Community Initiative, which was established in 1997 in order to boost the level of identification of the residents of Gröpelingen with their district. The Local Culture concept aimed to improve the economy of Gröpelingen by improving its culture. Local Culture is still being organised using ERDF funding, and it supports cultural activities and events aiming to improve the image of the district and to increase the involvement of the residents in their district.

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