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  • Studies and pilot projects: Bremen Design Cycle / Creative Industries

Studies and pilot projects: Bremen Design Cycle / Creative Industries

The 2000-2006 Objective 2 Programme funded the projects Bremen Design Cycle and Creative Industries in Bremen as part of its support for studies and pilot projects.

Bremen Design Cycle 2005 – 2007

The Bremen Design Cycle took up the commercial and innovative potential of forward-looking themes and developed them further at the interface between science, commerce and culture. A major aspect of this was the early integration of creative service providers. Previously neglected potential for development was identified, and the transfer of research findings into marketable products was supported. A conference was held at the launch, involving well-known speakers from commerce, science and culture. The results of the conference formed the basis for the four- to eight-month innovation project which is at the heart of the Bremen Design Cycle. An interdisciplinary group of grant-holders consisting of representatives of creative disciplines and experts from the respective thematic field developed application scenarios and new product options for the selected field of technology.

The Bremen Design Cycle project served to integrate the design process into the innovation process at an early stage, in order to boost the transfer of research findings into marketable products.

Creative Industries in Bremen

The Creative Industries project aimed to develop the potential of these industries on the basis of examples of best practice. The series included exhibitions, events and a conference.
The project helped to integrate Bremen’s creative industries into the market.

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Objective-2 2000-2006
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