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Biotechnology Centre

Establishment of a trade, new business and development centre for biotechnology applications in the food industry

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The idea of a biotechnology centre, i.e. a sectoral and thematic business centre for innovative companies from the fields of biotechnology and the food supplies industry, was developed jointly by Fischereihafen-Betriebs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (FBEG, now FBG), the Technology Transfer Centre (TTZ) at Bremerhaven University and the Economics Section of the Senate. All the studies and market research supported the concept.

The Biotechnology Centre is located in the fishing port, close to the Schaufenster Fischereihafen business and tourism centre. A key element of the biotechnology centre is the Bremerhaven Institute of Food Technology and Bioprocessing (BILB), which is being expanded, with some sections moving into the biotechnology centre.

The BILB is engaged in applied research and development in the field of biotechnology and food technology (e.g. production/use of food additives) and provides advice for companies, e.g. on quality assurance. The BILB´s food sensor laboratory can carry out sensory tests of new products. Other examples of the institute´s work include the development of new non-destructive preservation methods, improved packaging technologies, or innovative rapid test processes to determine the freshness of fish for the fish-processing industry.

The relocation of the BILB forms a basis for synergies with other companies which are tenants or users of the facility. The Biotechnology Centre is planned as a centre for new start-ups, but other users of the centre could include academic bodies like the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI).

The Biotechnology Centre has ten fully equipped laboratories and 20 office units. There are also shared facilities like conference rooms, a cafeteria and sanitary facilities. At the heart of the Biotechnology Centre is a central technical unit run by the BILB and available to all tenants of the Centre and to outside users. This central unit saves companies the high purchase costs for the equipment, and greater use is made of the equipment.

The Biotechnology Centre is to open in Spring 2003.

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