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Biological Information Systems (BIBIS)


Bremerhaven is increasingly developing into a centre for food technology and biotechnology. One major factor behind this trend is the Bremerhaven Technology Transfer Centre (the ttz Bremerhaven): it currently consists of six highly modern institutes which place their research in the service of science and the specific needs of the regional and supra-regional economy. The latest addition to the research centre is the newly-founded Bremerhaven Institute of Biological Information Systems (BIBIS), which focuses on bioinformatics.

Against this background, BIBIS is particularly working on the development of processes and software tools

- for the genome analysis and the modelling of metabolic pathways
- for the configuration and evaluation of DNA microarrays,
- for the analysis of large data sets (data mining) to identify interesting patterns and relationships, and
- for the modelling of biological expertise in order to derive automatic conclusions to complex queries.

research and development, science, health
Objective-2 2000-2006
Total volume of money (in €)
Proportion of funds
of which public-sector funding: 997.006 €
of which ERDF funding: 498.503 €
01.01.2003 - 31.12.2006
Bremerhaven south
Frau Dr. Uta Bohnebeck
Technologie-Transfer-Zentrum Bremerhaven
Bremerhavener Institut für Biologische Informationssysteme
Fischkai 23
27572 Bremerhaven

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