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Lehe neighbourhood centre

The work which began in 2014 is continuing

In the new 2014-2020 programming period, the Lehe neighbourhood centre will in future pool the issues of commerce, work, living and social participation as a problem collection and solution centre.
Working together with the partners in the network, it is developing a large number of ideas and implementing them in the neighbourhood. Also, improvement measures in the local residential environment, a listing and reduction of vacant property, the attracting of new commercial operations, various information events, thematic evenings, etc., are to help the neighbourhood to progress.
For example, the development of the neighbourhood is being promoted in a core part of Lehe, the working and living conditions are being improved, and the residents and businesspeople are being given new occupational, commercial, personal, social and societal prospects. In this way, the neighbourhood will again develop into the charming Old Town of the Maritime Town in the long term. Information events and thematic evenings are to help the neighbourhood to progress.

Area of impact:Place of implementation:Total project volume (ERDF Programme):of which public-sector funding:of which ERDF funding:
City of BremerhavenCity of Bremerhaven 875.000€437.500 €437.500 €[


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