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Scientific equipment to integrate FIBRE into the ECOMAT

In order to strengthen cooperation between industry and science in the field of innovative materials and their use in lightweight construction, the EcoMaT lightweight construction centre is being built in the Airport City.

The Bremen Fibre Institute (FIBRE) intends to open a second facility in the ECOMAT in order to serve as the main scientific player there and to grasp the opportunity to further develop its expertise in the field of fibre-reinforced composites, to make it available to all its partners, and thus to generate its own growth.

The Bremen Fibre Institute (FIBRE) expects its proximity to its partners in the ECOMAT to generate greater demand for further stimulus for technology and materials science on the part of industry in all sorts of sectors and research institutions of relevance to lightweight construction. At the same time, the institute’s two facilities at the Airport City and on the Campus form a link between the EcoMaT lightweight construction centre and Bremen’s University/technology park.

The necessary R&D infrastructure for the new facility, in the form of scientific equipment for the ECOMAT’S laboratory and technical centre, is being funded via the ERDF.

R&D infrastructure – scientific equipment

The Fibre Institute intends to feed its existing research priorities into the ECOMAT and to develop new, path-breaking fibre-composite materials. These technologies are to be implemented in close cooperation with the EcoMaT and its partners, and are suited to being transferred to other sectors.

Here, the technologies are selected to build on the institute’s expertise, to complete the process chain “from the fibre to the composite part”, and to mutually complement each other. They are plastics processing and materials testing machines.
The selected technologies are to be realised and strengthened from 2016 to 2019 via preparatory research projects using the requested funding.

The new scientific equipment will permit different process variations and developments in established fields of research and will also create additional possibilities due to new combinations of procedures.

It will be possible to determine additional materials characteristics of relevance to the optimisation and assessment of the development of manufacturing processes. It will also be possible to determine materials variables needed for the simulation of processes and the design of components, and to validate the results of simulations.

The additional equipment and their combined use with the institute’s existing technology will enable FIBRE to research and develop forward looking technologies for lightweight construction with fibre-reinforced polymers and to translate them into industrial applications.

Area of impact:Place of implementationTotal project volume (ERDF Programme):of which public-sector funding:of which ERDF funding:
State of BremenCity of Bremen950.000 €950.000 €475.000 €[


Mr Oliver Richter