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Stabilisation of disadvantaged urban areas as part of an integrated development concept

EFRE sign in front of the future construction site

A disproportionately large number of children and adolescents live in Bremen’s Gröpelingen suburb. The diversity of the residents – in terms of nationalities, as well as social and socio-economic groups – and a manifest lack of interest in education mean that the area faces particularly great challenges in terms of education and the fight against poverty. The plan is to turn the new Ohlenhof Campus with its elementary and secondary school, sports hall, leisure centre and playhouse into not just a school and playgrounds, but also various open spaces and spaces for games, a small pitch and play area: a centre for school and non-school education,

  • as an instrument for local education management supplementing the existing “local learning” services and the “Morgenland” neighbourhood education centre,
  • as a management centre for the implementation of social space-based educational programmes by the “Wild West” and the playhouse,
  • as a space in which to organise working groups to improve the quality of the local infrastructure in the context of the school and the sports hall, and
  • as a centre for cooperation amongst various local stakeholders (from the fields of education, child and youth support, culture, integration, health, living in neighbourhoods).

Most of the investment in the Ohlenhof Campus is scheduled to take place in 2019 and 2020. The construction of the new sports hall will be funded by the ERDF.