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Cabin distancing

Gesture control is the automatic recognition of gestures to control equipment, replacing conventional switches. Touch-free control can result in fewer contact surfaces in the public arena. The reduction in service elements in the aircraft cuts weight and maintenance costs, thus saving resources.

The challenge posed by gesture control is to achieve swift and reliable recognition so that it can be used for interactions with equipment.

This project on gesture control in the aircraft cabin is to draw up a feasibility study identifying and evaluating highly promising technologies in the light of the special requirements of the aviation sector. For example, a functional model is to be developed which can be controlled without touch. A potential application is a light where three different gestures can switch it on or off, dim it or alter the colour temperature.

AES GmbH is an internationally renowned service and product provider to the aviation sector. Its range of activities covers electrical design services and the development of electronic products for aircraft cabins.

The project is financed from funding from the European Union – REACT-EU – as part of the EU’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.