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Alte Bürger neighbourhood centre

The funding continues

Alte Bürger street is a popular, vibrant place with a lively cultural scene, an urbane lifestyle and social cohesion. In order to restore Alte Bürger to its former glory, the Alte Bürger neighbourhood centre project is being continued in the new programming period as a contact and coordination centre. If the general attractiveness of the area is to be improved, it remains necessary to have a lasting change in perception of the area’s image, both in and outside the area, two attract new businesses and residents, and to improve the residential environment with an appropriate amount of green spaces.

Working together to develop new ideas

Under the leadership of the neighbourhood centre, new ideas are developed for the neighbourhood, problems discussed and strategic solutions drawn up together with its network partners, involvement of the citizens, and the inclusion of all sorts of commercial, private and public stakeholders. Major efforts have been made, particularly involving a variety of stakeholders, especially from the private sector, in order to tackle the problem of vacant commercial and residential property (the problem of junk real estate). One example of how this is being done is that the owners of the properties are shown new, attractive residential concepts, which can subsequently be implemented together with local partners.

Boosting the attractions

The neighbourhood centre also deploys integrated measures – e.g. a variety of (street) events, settling in new companies, major and minor work to improve the appearance of the street, etc. – to help improve the neighbourhood and its attractiveness and to consolidate the positive change in the image. In this way, it might prove possible in the medium term to recreate the Alte Bürger, which is not far from the centre of Bremerhaven, as an interesting attraction and a popular place to live and work.

Area of impact:Place of implementation:Total project volume (ERDF Programme):of which public-sector funding:of which ERDF funding:
City of BremerhavenCity of Bremerhaven 700.000 €350.000 €350.000 €[


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