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Revitalisation of Alte Bürger in Bremerhaven – opening of a neighbourhood office

The street Alte Bürger in Bremerhaven is in the Mitte district, bordering the district of Lehe. Not least thanks to its historic architecture, Alte Bürger developed into an area for pubs and restaurants in the 1980s. In the vicinity there are many small streets with small apartment blocks, historic residential buildings, cafés, retail outlets, areas of greenery, cultural facilities, and much more.

Due to the structural change experienced in the City of Bremerhaven, Alte Bürger is now dominated by vacant shops and dilapidated and neglected houses. Recent years have seen an exodus of businesses to other parts of the city, and the remaining small shops are battling for survival. Furthermore, some parts of Alte Bürger suffer from a high level of (long-term and youth) unemployment, a high number of residents with a migrant background, and a high proportion of people on welfare benefits. The former nightlife area is suffering from a severe loss of image.

In order to develop the potential of Alte Bürger, to raise the quality of life and to improve its reputation, ERDF funding is being used to open up a neighbourhood office. Here, the involvement of the local citizens is particularly important: right from the start, the neighbourhood management is to work with the local stakeholders and citizens to develop local strategies to achieve the goals set out above.


Area of impact:Place of implementation:Total project volume (ERDF Programme): of which public-sector funding:of which ERDF funding:
City of BremerhavenCity of Bremerhaven, Ortsteil Mitte761.000€761.000€380.500€[
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