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Returning the Weser riverbank at Rablinghausen to its natural state

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Returning the Weser riverbank at Rablinghausen to its natural state

As a highly managed tidal river, the banks of the Weser have repeatedly been given increasingly strong reinforcements since around 1885. The high degree of canalisation and the continuous riverbank reinforcements make an especially great contrast to the Weser Riverbank Park, which extends from the river in the project area on the landward side; in fact, its size and the bushes and trees – typical of a riverside meadow – create the impression of a riverside landscape. Yet the Park lacks access to the river itself.

The redesign of the riverbank is intended to provide this access to the river. To this end, a sandbank is being created which resembles the natural riverbank structure mainly to be found downstream. The transition area between the water and the land is thus being returned to a more ecologically valuable state. The aim is to establish habitats for the typical flora and fauna in this area. This will also increase the recreational value of the Weser Riverbank Park.

There are plans for a ferry link between the two sides of the river, which will increase the potential demand for the services and retail outlets.

The extensive media coverage of this project has produced a positive public perception of the EU.

taz nord v. 03.09.2009 (pdf, 91 KB)

Weser Kurier v. 03.09.2009 (pdf, 681 KB)


Area of impact: Place of implementation Total project volume (ERDF Programme): of which public-sector funding: of which ERDF funding:
City of Bremen - RablinghausenCity of Bremen - Rablinghausen600.000€600.000€300.000€[

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