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Returning the Weser riverbank at Fuldahafen/Hemelingen Lake to its natural state

The project consists of the following two components:

Design of a quasi-natural sandbank:

The section of the riverbank between the Hemelingen sports harbour and the Fuldahafen port, which is currently shored up by packed rocks, is to be remodelled as a quasi-natural sandbank. Along a stretch of approx. 60m, the rocks will be lowered to below the average waterline and the soil removed, creating an enlarged water area by a level sandbank. The aim is to make the riverbank area more attractive and to make the experience of the River Weser more immediate in this area. The building of the quasi-natural sandbank will create a new leisure area by the River Weser close to the city.

Development of a quasi-natural riverbank area:

The ground level is to be lowered in the area of the Landzunge headland south of the water link between Hemelingen Lake and the River Weser. This will enlarge the retention areas, increase the exchange of water, and improve the integration of Hemelingen Lake into the course of the River Weser. The shift between water areas, reedy areas and sandy areas will create valuable quasi-natural habitats for flora and fauna. Overall, this will help to increase the biodiversity of the river landscape.

Boat trip march 2012


Area of impact: Place of implementation Total project volume (ERDF Programme): of which public-sector funding: of which ERDF funding:
City of BremenBremen-Hemelingen686.000 € 686.000 €343.000 €[
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