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Redesign of Fangturm square

The square known as Fangturm is located right next to the area of Obere Schlachte in Bremen’s Stephani district. The Stephani district is generally regarded as a centre for the media industry. The square, which is used for a car park and a weekly market, is now also to be redesigned in line with the appearance of Obere Schlachte. This measure will create an attractive pathway both straight along the Schlachte as a link between the city centre, Stephani and Überseestadt, and also across, between the River Weser and the nearer Stephani district/Brill.

Planned changes

The area covered by the square is to be extended by 2 metres in each direction, giving the weekly market more space. To the west, in line with the situation to the east, a one-way street is to be built so that it will be possible to drive anti-clockwise around the square. The edges of the square will be marked by a low kerb (3-5 cm high), as is the case throughout the Obere Schlachte area.

In order to ensure that the fully grown trees can survive, the gratings around the bottom of their trunks are to be enlarged and made square. This measure takes up the formal language of the redesigned area of Obere Schlachte for the square at Fangturm.

A new design for the weekly farmers’ market is being developed together with the stallholders. It might be possible to open up the market to the outside by extending it to some areas of the pavement on the western side.

Advantages and effects

The redevelopment will retain the current use of the square (way through to the Weser Promenade, weekly market, car park). As the site, which covers approx. 1,700 m², is made more attractive, this will benefit the area as a whole. It will enable the neighbourhood to develop further in terms of urban living and as an innovative commercial zone, particularly for the creative and media industries.

Area of impact: Place of implementation Total project volume (ERDF Programme): of which public-sector funding: of which ERDF funding:
City of BremenCity of Bremen510.000 € 510.000 €280.500 €[

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