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Real estate management in the old centre of Blumenthal

The centre of the Blumenthal district is to be made more attractive again in future. Bremen’s ERDF fund is providing €60,000 for the position of a real estate manager. The job will involve upgrading the town centre by renovating buildings and elaborating a concept for the district.

A recent study commissioned by the Senate showed that the economic and social situation in Blumenthal has deteriorated significantly in the last few years. One reason for this is the economic decline experienced by major local employers, and the other is a change in the local retail outlets towards increasing numbers of large discounters and chain stores, and fewer individual specialised shops managed by their owners.

The decline of the retail sector and the influx of large chain stores has had a negative impact on the situation in the historic central area of the district. A large proportion of the retail outlets in the ground floor sections of buildings are now vacant and/or in need of renovation. The central area has visibly lost its feeling of being a centre for the district, and there is no meeting place for social activities in the central area.

The local businesses and the generally private owners of the buildings feel resigned to this depressing situation. Their level of motivation to change it and to work in the interest of the entire district has dropped significantly. That is now to change.

The new real estate manager is to take up contact with the local businesses and the property owners and work out possible solutions together with them. The main focus of the real estate management will be on the renovation of old buildings by their owners, the promotion of a high-quality retail sector, and the development of a joint retail concept. This is to pinpoint ways in which the old, historic town centre can be revitalised. One aspect of the project is the establishment of a private-sector network of the owners of the buildings.

The basic motto of the new concept is “quality, not quantity”. The idea is for there to be fewer, but better quality businesses in the central area. In this way, commerce in the area will be stimulated, jobs safeguarded and the urban profile of Blumenthal improved. Also, the historic town centre will become attractive for locals and tourists again, and go back to being a place for social encounters.


Area of impact: Place of implementation Total project volume (ERDF Programme): of which public-sector funding: of which ERDF funding:
City of BremenNorth of Bremen120.000 €120.000 €60.000€[
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