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Promotion of investment to adapt labour-market measures to advances in technology

Use of new technologies in training

The use of modern technical equipment (e.g. hardware and software) in training measures means that new approaches can be taken to teaching course content and also fosters training on the sort of modern office equipment which is increasingly used in day-to-day life and which people often need to be able to use if they are to get a job.

However, many training and employment providers – particularly in the field of low-threshold training – do not have this modern equipment. For this reason, the project aims to fund investment in technical equipment for training for service providers so that the training courses can be provided using the latest technology.

Both employees receiving training as part of their job and unemployed people on vocational training courses are to be given the possibility to keep up with advances in technology. This will give them better prospects of integration and careers on the labour market. At the same time, these measures aim to boost the competitiveness of companies.

The programme is pursuing three objectives. Firstly, employees, job-seekers and the unemployed are to be shown and trained in new technologies, with a view to strengthening the competitiveness and innovative capacity of companies. Secondly, the inclusion of the long-term unemployed is to counter the effects of demographic change and the incipient skills shortage. Thirdly, the job-creation organisations are themselves companies, and their competitiveness will be improved by the new equipment and new training media.

Area of impact: Place of implementation Total project volume (ERDF Programme): of which public-sector funding: of which ERDF funding:
State of BremenState of Bremen2.400.000 € 2.400.000 €1.200.000 €[


Ms Karin Jahn

Managing Authority for the European Social Fund