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Promotion of bicycle tourism – new pathways for the state of Bremen

The State of Bremen Tourism Concept 2015 regards bicycle tourism as an important market segment which still offers a lot of unutilised potential. The significance of the bicycle as a mode of transport for tourists and for inner-city journeys is growing from year to year. The increasing use of e-bikes and pedelecs has further expanded the target group for bicycle tourism services and general cycling.

The average bicycle tourist spends about €16/day, equivalent to total annual revenues of €38.4m for the state of Bremen at present (BMWT 2009). The state is well situated to presenting itself even better as a cycling city and a cycling region, and thus to boosting the number of day-trippers and overnight guests

The Measures

This has led to the development of an overall package to promote bicycle tourism. The main thrust is the development, implementation and marketing of three new inner-city maritime routes in Bremen, Bremerhaven and North Bremen. It also includes advertising material (maps, brochures, website), information boards at key intersections, left-luggage facilities, and a survey and analysis of the tourism situation.


Further to this, it is necessary to develop forward-looking services for bicycle tourism on the basis of the survey and analysis of the tourism situation and to subject the existing network of cycle paths to a quality check so that the area can continue to perform well on the bicycle tourism market in the long term.

The business promotion company WFB will take the lead responsibility for developing and realising these measures for bicycle tourism in the state of Bremen in close co-operation with the BTZ, BIS Touristik and the ADFC with the involvement of the Ministries for Economics, Labour and Ports and Environment, Building and Transport.

Area of impact: Place of implementation Total project volume (ERDF Programme): of which public-sector funding: of which ERDF funding:
State of BremenState of Bremen300.000€ 300.000€150.000€[
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