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Media area in the Stephani district

Following the relocation of Radio Bremen and the adult education institute to the Stephani district in 2007, the district’s media area is to develop further. In future, more companies from the creative and media sectors are to be attracted to set up there, so close to the city centre and Schlachte, and are to give the neighbourhood a distinctive profile.

The aim of the project is to elaborate and implement an urban planning concept which includes a legal framework for the expansion and use of the media area. The planning is focusing on the letting and marketing of vacant buildings and sites around Abbentorswallstrasse, Neuenstrasse and Ölmühlenstrasse. Thanks to its central location, the district offers great potential for development, and the new planning measures should enable optimum use to be made of the Stephani district’s possibilities. This will also help to improve the local commercial structure and to create new jobs.

A competition is to be held in order to generate innovative ideas for the redesign and new use of buildings, roads and public areas. The best possible solution will then be derived from the entries to the competition. At present, the area is dominated by empty buildings, unattractive car parks and gaps between buildings.

One very important site for the project with buildings on it belongs to Deutsche Telekom AG, although the company itself makes little use of it. The state of Bremen believes that there is substantial scope here for interim use, letting and marketing in order to enhance the area.

The improvements to the district’s image, the planned optimisation of the plots of land and their use, the establishment of an attractive environment for companies from the creative and media sectors, and the related positive effects on employment all mean that this project will contribute to attaining the objectives of action area 2.2.: Activating residential and commercial urban areas.

Area of impact: Place of implementation Total project volume (ERDF Programme): of which public-sector funding: of which ERDF funding:
City of BremenCity of Bremen57.550 €33.750 €16.875 €[
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