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Integrating the R&D Mile into the district of Geestemünde

Rehabilitation of the quays and improvement of parts of the riverbank promenade at the Handelshafen port

The project Integrating the R&D Mile into the district of Geestemünde - rehabilitation of the quays and improvement of parts of the riverbank promenade at the Handelshafen port forms a further jigsaw piece in the concept of the R&D mile and the linking of the district of Geestemünde to the river Weser.

Since 2006, the Bremerhaven Research and Development Mile project has created sites for the maritime technology and start-up centre, the Centre for Aquaculture and the offshore safety training centre. Furthermore, the ERDF project Geestemünde goes to the water has already implemented a first step of the link-up between Geestemünde and this area. Further measures are now intended to upgrade the riverbank promenade in the Handelshafen port area and to produce an attractive environment both for residents and for private investors.


To this end, the old quays – up to 150 years old – are being renovated. Also, a public riverbank promenade is being built which will link up the Holzhafen port with the R&D Mile and upgrade additional open space. The path is to lead along the quays of Köperstrasse, from the former dry dock to Bussestrasse and the dyke. Also, information boards and exhibits are to inform interested visitors about the research work being done by the local institutes and companies. This science quay is being developed in close co-operation with the AWI. The new path will link up to the regional cycle-path networks Unterweser Region and Weser Cycle Path and will create an attractive route from Holzhafen Geestemünde to the mouth of the Geeste. Overall, the renovation of the quays will strengthen both the spatial links within the innovative commerce-related community and the link to the neighbouring district of Geestemünde.

Further Steps

These measures are to be completed by the end of 2014 and are just one element of the Research and Development Mile development and use concept, which includes the establishment of a Centre for Maritime Research in Bremerhaven and also aims to link up and integrate the district of Geestemünde with this new site. A final implementation of the overall measure is scheduled for the new 2014-2020 ERDF programme.

Quays in October 2013

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BremerhavenBremerhaven3.400.118 € 3.400.118 €1.870.000 €[
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