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Integrated maintenance and management planning for the Luneplate

Managing a large area as a whole and planning its use can cut costs and expand the horizon for new ideas. For this reason, an overall concept for the Luneplate in Bremerhaven is to be elaborated in future. The Bremen ERDF fund is providing nearly €56,000 towards the development of an integrated maintenance and management plan.

On the one hand, the Luneplate is used as a compensation area by the River Weser, and on the other there are the “Natura 2000” areas there. These are European nature conservation areas intended to provide a safe home for endangered domestic plants and animals.

Following the transfer of the Luneplate to Bremen, the planning of maintenance and development measures for the compensation area and of management measures for the European nature conservation area is being integrated: this will make synergies possible and mean that the areas of the Luneplate can be developed further as a whole.

The holistic concept is intended not only to cut costs, but also to pinpoint untapped potential for environmentally compatible local leisure uses. In the long term, the improvement in the quality of life deriving from the new destination for excursions should make Bremerhaven more attractive for investors and highly skilled workers. Also, the new project means that optimal use will be made of Bremerhaven’s location on the River Weser, and the profile of the Hanseatic city as a city on the River Weser will be enhanced.


Area of impact: Place of implementation Total project volume (ERDF Programme): of which public-sector funding: of which ERDF funding:
Lamd of BremerhavenCity of Bremerhaven111.472 € 111.472 €55.736€[
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