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Initiation and expansion of BRE-TeC, a Bremen Technology Centre

The origins of this project, which is extremely significant for Bremen’s technology, aircraft construction and automotive manufacturing sectors, is the increasing pressure worldwide to reduce lead times and costs, especially in aircraft construction and automotive manufacturing. In order to boost the regional competitiveness in this sector, AVIATRONICS (a Bremen-based consortium of small and medium-sized component suppliers) and BIBA, a Bremen-based engineering institute (Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH), as well as part of Airbus Bremen, have joined forces to redesign test and verification facilities in the field of product development at various sites and subsequently to link these up. These Bremen-based networking activities, which will save time and costs, are initially being developed in the field of wing equipment – and in particular the high-lift systems. In the context of establishing a (virtual) Bremen Technology Centre to this end, the focus is always particularly on consolidating Bremen as a leading location in this field and on fostering the transfer of this technology into sectors like automotive, mechanical and wind power facility construction.

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Land Bremen Stadt Bremen 6.356.000€6.356.000€3.178.000€[
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