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Extension to the Bremerhaven Institute for Food Technology and Bioprocess Technology (BILB)

The Bremerhaven Institute for Food Technology and Bioprocess Technology (BILB) is being extended and is acquiring the very latest scientific and technical equipment.

The BILB focuses on food sciences in the product and process field, which is so important for Bremerhaven, and is part of the Technology Transfer Centre (ttz). The main task for the ttz is to develop innovative products and services which bring science and business together and strengthen the region. The BILB does precisely that: over the last 20 years, it has emerged as one of the leading generators of ideas for the fisheries port and the food industry based there. It is vital for this sector, with its 5,000 jobs, to always be right up to date in terms of products and processes, and this highlights just how important the BILB is.

The success of the BILB has resulted in a substantial rise in its staff levels over the years. It was clear that there would soon be problems with space, and the technical equipment also needed upgrading. For this reason, the building is now being extended and the latest scientific and technical equipment installed. Without these improvements, the BILB could not develop properly, and its overarching responsibility for promoting regional innovation in the field of food technology and biotechnology would have been jeopardised.

The existing building will first be adapted for the planned and necessary extension, and new equipment and analytical technology will be purchased.

Alteration of the existing building

Minor alterations to the functional areas and a small amount of construction work will create more space in the BILB’s existing building. In detail, a re-ordering of the restrooms on the ground floor is to open up more workspace. The fitting of a gallery in the technical area will produce urgently needed office and lab space. The cost of altering the existing building is put at €338,960.

Purchase of new analytical technology and new equipment

Most of the new equipment for scientific analysis will be for flour analysis and traditional measuring and separating equipment. In order to remain competitive in future, and to be able to develop new fields of research and development, for example, a fluidised-bed drying system is to be purchased. This is used to dry viscous or liquid suspensions or to form agglomerates. Other basic equipment will also be acquired, including an industrial dishwasher, pumps, mobile cooling circuits and water baths. New equipment is also needed in the bakehouse area in order to optimise the contract and research work. Many of the planned analytical tools will be used in all fields of food technology. Also, office and seminar room equipment is needed for the newly-created space. The cost of purchasing the new analytical tools and the new equipment is put at €801,360.

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