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Support for a research and administration building for the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Bremen

The DFKI is to be extended so that, in close co-operation with the private sector, it can develop, test and optimise components for marine technology such as unmanned underwater vehicles. The increased size of the DFKI should also enable it to engage in closer co-operation with companies, particularly at the interfaces with developments and applications for space flight and marine technology.

The first construction phase will provide 2,336 m² of office and laboratory space on three storeys and approx. 1,200 m² for an underwater exploration shed. The entrance will consist of a two-storey-high exhibition and demonstration area with a view through to the experimental environments. The exhibition and demonstration area will be open to guests and visitors and will display selected DFKI technologies.

The need for larger test areas for practical applications has increased. Local companies like Atlas Elektronik and research establishments like the Marum or the AWI are very interested in larger experimental spaces, which are currently lacking in the area. The planned size of the immersion pool is intended to attract corporate co-operation and project partners. The unusual size of the planned facility is to be a unique selling point which closes a gap for new and existing co-operation partners in Germany.

Area of impact: Place of implementation Total project volume (ERDF Programme): of which public-sector funding: of which ERDF funding:
City of BremenCity of Bremen7.105.571 € 3.100.000 €3.100.000 €[