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Construction work for labour-market schemes – modernisation and conversion of buildings

Improved standards and changing rules governing workshops to promote training and employment mean that the workshops, classrooms and training facilities used by local providers need to be modernised or converted. This measure also aims to open up the facilities to other groups of users in order to back the inclusive approach of district development.

The project aims to improve the living and working conditions in socially deprived districts in order to enhance the overall economic and social situation.
The modernisation and conversion of rooms for labour-market measures is intended firstly to prevent the services moving away from social flashpoints and secondly to enable various organisations and initiatives to use the rooms for labour-market measures. Network structures are to be established and strengthened in order to enhance the identity of the district.

Another aim is for the services to reach diverse groups of users and thereby to contribute to improved social cohesion. Funding will go towards initiatives and measures focused on labour-market policy.

Area of impact:Place of implementation:Total project volume(ERDF-Programme):of which public-sector funding:of which ERDF funding:
State of Bremen City of Bremen 1.000.000 €1.000.000 €500.000 €[