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Bremerhaven’s Maritime Research and Development Mile

The relocation of bremenports to the new Atlantic City Hotel in Bremerhaven has freed up areas around the northern fisheries port and the merchant port. A new utilisation concept has been developed for these areas, involving the establishment of a Research and Development Mile (R&D Mile) focused on maritime subjects. To this end, the old bremenports site is to be transformed into a technology and start-up centre. In addition to office, laboratory and workshop facilities, a research pier is to be built at which research vessels can directly dock and load and unload supplies. Tenants of the new R&D Mile technology and start-up centre are to include the new Institute for Marine Resources (IMARE) and commerce-related working groups of the Alfred Wegener Institute.

The attractive location, right on the waterfront close to the city centre and near to many academic institutions (AWI Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven University, BioNord Biotechnology Centre, t.i.m.e.Port), enables the new R&D Mile to offer an optimal climate for new start-ups, not least from higher education facilities, as well as good preconditions for synergies and co-operation between companies and academia. The new R&D Mile is intended to further develop Bremerhaven’s profile as a cluster of maritime excellence.

The following slideshow provides impressions of the building site (swf, 1 MB) in November 2009.

Follow the link to see the slideshow: Bilder der Eröffnung der FuE-Meile im Mai 2010 sowie Eindrücke der Baustelle im November 2009 (swf, 2.5 MB)

Follow the link to see the slideshow: : Diashow mit Eindrücken der Veranstaltung (swf, 2.3 MB)

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