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Bremen-Marssel Neighbourhood Centre

The Sports Centre of Sportgemeinschaft (SG) Marssel e. V. is to be expanded into a movement-oriented and health-oriented neighbourhood centre. In recent years, the work done by the SG Marssel sports club and the range of sports it offers have done much to stabilise the social structure and to integrate incomers. The expansion of sports and leisure activities provided by the schools means that the facilities used by the club are fully booked up, so that capacity constraints are preventing the club from providing additional services. This particularly affects services for children, adolescents, women and mothers.

In order to live up to its social responsibilities, the SG Marssel sports club has drawn up a concept in collaboration with the Sports Office, the Local Administration Office and Bremen’s Sports Association which sets out a framework for an increased range of sporting activities. The concept includes making the club’s facilities accessible for all residents (centre for public and private meetings and events) and the inclusion of health-oriented sport in the services on offer (supervised preventive and rehabilitative courses).

The modernisation and expansion of the sports facilities forms part of a comprehensive package of measures to strengthen and develop the neighbourhood. The expansion of the club’s facilities is being supported with ERDF funding and funding from the Federal Government’s Social City programme. Specifically, ERDF funding is being used to construct a new hall and a gymnasium, and to build barrier-free outside facilities.


Area of impact: Place of implementation Total project volume (ERDF Programme): of which public-sector funding: of which ERDF funding:
City of Bremen – Bremen-Nord districtCity of Bremen – Burglesum neighbourhood, Marssel area979,000€964,000€444,000€[

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Mr Claus Gieseler

Senator for the Environment, Construction and Transport
Division 72

Ansgaritorstraße 2
D - 28195 Bremen

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