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An offshore information centre for Bremerhaven

The maritime city of Bremerhaven has developed in recent years into a leading centre of excellence for the offshore wind energy sector. Numerous plant constructors, wind farm developers and operators, component suppliers, research institutes, training centres and the Bremerhaven/Bremen Wind Energy Agency are now based in the city. For years, Bremerhaven has had the idea of establishing an offshore wind energy information centre which will illustrate the fascination of offshore wind energy for a broad audience and will provide the companies in the sector with a showcase which they can help design and use to display their technologies and developments. This is now to be located in the Bremerhaven Climate House 8° on the fourth level of the ELEMENTE exhibition space.

The exhibition

The exhibition offers tourists, passers-by and experts the possibility to find out in many different ways about Bremerhaven’s offshore industry. Local firms and research establishments are presented and can display their research findings. Exciting aspects of planning, production, assembly, operation and maintenance can be seen, the visitor gets to see behind the scenes and finds himself in the midst of a technological adventure surrounded by the feeling of natural forces.

The opportunities offered by energy production at sea for the future power supply are shown, and the volume of power generated by the wind farms is explained in terms of normal household use. In its five exhibition rooms – Vision, Construction, Production, At Sea and Facts and Figures – the information centre offers a solid overview of the issue and forms an ideal starting point for the Bremerhaven Wind Tour.

The Wind Lounge

The planned Wind Lounge will provide an attractive venue for conferences, receptions and all sorts of events, particularly for companies and interested expert delegations in the offshore sector. The presentation of the content of the Wind Energy course offered by Bremerhaven University in the exhibition and the integration of the exhibition into regular conferences on wind energy rounds off the networking of all the stakeholders and strengthens the business environment for this innovative sector. The presentation of Bremerhaven as a centre of offshore excellence is thus given a platform which can have both a national and an international impact and which can also help to promote the maritime city’s image.

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