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The KuBiKo culture, education and communication centre

A new culture, education and communication centre was established in the area around Hemelingen market square by converting an office building from the late nineteenth century and an old school building. On 10 October 2008, the KuBiKo opened as a meeting place for old and young, and its comprehensive range of information, advice and support has turned it into a popular address, particularly for families.

Osenbrückstr. 16-18: First point of contact for families

The St. Petri Kinder- und Jugendhilfe Foundation, the German Red Cross and the institution they set up together called JUS – Bremer Jugendhilfe und Soziale Arbeit (g)GmbH – attracted well-known partners to Osenbrückstr 16-18 (now: Godehardstr. 19). They set up a comprehensive service for families with advice for parents, information and leisure opportunities for young people. The PrimaverA project forms the centrepiece of the service, offering care for the under-threes so that their parents can get back to work.

Further to this, the local council administration relocated from the old town hall to the fully refurbished former office building which used to belong to the company Bohm & Kruse. Hemelingen’s local administration moved into roughly 270 m² of office space on the top floor of the building. The first floor contains a large meeting hall, accessible for all, which can be used for meetings of the council and the other tenants, as well as for other public events. Now that the council administration is based in the centre of the district, it is easier to reach and more accessible for the residents. The Bürgerhaus Hemelingen is another major tenant in the KuBiKo, using a studio with a rough and ready feel to it in the attic of the building. It hosts the painting and arts and crafts classes. Since early 2009, Hemelingen’s neighbourhood marketing office has also been based in Osenbrückstr.

Godehardstr. 21: Art, culture and social events sharing a building

Following its conversion to become the KuBiKo, the former school building at Godehardstr. 21 is now a centre for art, culture and social events. The association called Ein Haus für unsere Freundschaft (a house for our friendship), which has been active in youth and integration work here for more than 20 years, has acquired more space and so has been able to expand its services. Another tenant, the association Schule 21 (school 21), has been given new studio space and an events hall as a place for meetings, exhibitions, etc. Furthermore, the founding members of the Schule 21 association live as a tenants’ community on the first floor of Godehardstr. 21. Funding for the conversion of the rooms for the residential project came not from the EU’s Objective 2, but from city renovation funds.