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Suburb management / marketing for Hemelingen

Regeneration of the suburb, image enhancement, increase in identification


One priority of the Objective 2 programme is problem urban areas. The suburb of Hemelingen in Bremen and the suburb of Geestendorf in Bremerhaven have been selected for support under this priority. The intention under the priority is to provide comprehensive support for the selected areas in a similar way to the URBAN Community Initiative. This means that, alongside traditional support for infrastructure, it is also possible to promote projects of a cultural, integrational nature. One of the stated aims for Hemelingen is to develop a new centre. The intention is to comprehensively improve the residential, working and leisure opportunities in the suburb, in order to increase the inhabitants' sense of identification with their suburb. One major project which is designed to accompany, support and co-ordinate the realisation of this goal is the newly established suburb management and marketing for Hemelingen.

The concept for the suburb management is based on the conclusions of a report which analysed the current situation in Hemelingen and came up with potential solutions:

The intention of the project is to support the local residents and business people in identifying, defining and resolving the area's problems and to co-ordinate the resulting initiatives in an efficient and targeted manner.

The prime task of the suburb management is to increase the sense of identification with the suburb, to enhance the image of the assisted area, to help people to help themselves, and to roll out measures which improve the assisted area.

The objective is to redevelop the central parts of the suburb of Hemelingen into a suburban centre and thus to make it one of 14 suburban centres in Bremen.

The chief fields of action for the co-ordinated suburban marketing/management are:

  • promotion of the cohesion and the sense of identity in Hemelingen,
  • raising Hemelingen's profile as an attractive place to live,
  • integrating local businesses into the development of the suburb,
  • developing vibrant centres for Hemelingen,
  • Hemelingen and its image.

The suburb manager, Ms Henrike Neuenfeldt, was officially welcomed in her new post on 26 February 2003. Her office is at Hemelinger Bahnhofstr. 10. Ms Neuenfeldt can be reached by phone at + 49 - 421 - 9 88 65 98.

Objective 2, Problem urban areas Stimulation of economic activity 2000-2006Total support: 548,000 €
of which ERDF: 274,000€


Herr Thomas Scherbaum


Rembertiring 27
28195 Bremen

++49 421 3672-252
++49 421 3672-251

Frau Henrike Neuenfeldt

Stadtteilmanagement/-marketing Hemelingen

Hemelinger Bahnhofstr. 10
D-28309 Bremen

++49 421 98865-98
++49 421 98865-99

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