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Mobile family centre

In the Hinter den Ellern neighbourhood in Hemelingen district, almost €2m was spent between 2003 and 2005 on the Mobile family centre, an attractive meeting place for families with children and for all the other residents of Hemelingen.

Thanks to the good and successful interaction between residents and project managers from the very outset, the project quickly became a central location in the neighbourhood. On a 760 m² plot, it offers various social services, training courses and leisure opportunities: the district café of the women’s initiative Fraueninitiative Quirl e.V. is a job-creation project offering low-cost and healthy food for local residents. In addition to the playgroups for small children run by the St. Petri Foundation, parents of babies and young children can obtain a range of information and support in a baby advice centre. Childcare services for small children are also available from the groups of the Haus der Familie, and the Spielhaus provides a childcare service open to all. The neighbourhood exchange supports self-help activities run by the residents. Older people can use this to benefit from social integration beyond the care services. A citizens’ initiative undertakes activities to improve the neighbourhood and volunteers support the services for all the residents. Educational services round off the comprehensive range of support offered by the centre. The neighbouring playground provides the children with areas to play in and the adults with seating and grassy areas to relax on.

In 2006, the Mobile was awarded the Social City Prize under the Federal-Länder Programme Urban districts in urgent need of development – the social city.