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InnoWi GmbH

Society for the exploitation of scientific expertise


innoWi GmbH, a company based in the Airport New Business Centre, was founded in February 2001 by Bremer Investitions-Gesellschaft mbH (BIG) and the higher education institutes in the state of Bremen in order to systematically exploit scientific findings for commercial purposes. It acts as a neutral mediator between academia and commerce, and assists the future partners beyond the establishment of the initial contact through to the drawing up of the contract.

The purpose for which innoWi GmbH was founded is:

  • to provide advice on the commercial exploitation of scientific and other findings, processes, products and materials,
  • to process them into tradable objects in an manner appropriate to the market (product management),
  • to match the findings with commercial needs,
  • and to take up rights of exploitation and use and to sell or license them to third parties.

Almost all companies need to modernise or even entirely renew their processes and products on a regular basis. In many cases, this is done using a lot of manpower and funding from within the company itself. The products are developed from the initial idea through to the market – despite the fact that academics may already have come up with and tested good ideas which can be commercially exploited.
innoWi exists to co-ordinate supply and demand. Academics offer their research findings; companies find answers to their needs, e.g. in the form of patented inventions. As well as marketing scientific findings from Bremen's higher education institutions and matching research and development capacities to the specific needs of companies, innoWi has nation-wide access to more than 2000 other patented technologies.

The first marketing successes are now coming on stream. For example, following the creation of a substantial product portfolio, an invention by the Centre for Human Genetics at the University of Bremen was passed to a Dutch company. The products in question are known as DNA sounds, which are used to diagnose tumours and which save a considerable amount of money, since they remove the need for an operation in cases where a tumour is only suspected.

innoWi has a portfolio of academic findings which can help firms to boost their competitiveness. The current offers include a combination aerosol for use in the manufacture of metallic powders. The appliance combines known aerosol processes and thus restricts the undesired spread of particle size distribution. At the same time, the costs are reduced by the extremely low gas consumption. The aerosol, which was developed at the University of Bremen, can be used in numerous fields like plant construction, the manufacture of metallic powder, materials technology or surface processing.

Other current offers include an optical modulator, which opens up possibilities in optical signals processing, a virtual bioreactor to simulate bioprocesses, a telescopic insulating flask and a procedure to treat hyperplasia and neoplasia of the thyroid. In addition, there are further innovations from the fields of microsystems technology, opto-electronics and mechanical engineering in the portfolio, which is regularly expanded. The company looks for development partners interested in refining these technologies. The goal is to license the processes.

The picture shows scientists at the University of Bremen who have developed gene sounds for the diagnosis of tumours.

Objective 2, Strengthening the services sector, technology-oriented establishments / technology transfer
2000-2006Total support: 2.556.460€
of which ERDF: 1.278.230€


innoWi GmbH

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