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Business promotion by design


Founded in 1990 at the initiative of the Senator for Economics, DesignLabor Bremerhaven became part of Bremer Design GmbH in 1994, which has been a subsidiary of Bremer Investitionsgesellschaft mbH since August 2002.

Bremer Design GmbH is tasked with promoting design as part of the economic assistance and regional development of the state of Bremen. The main focus is on teaching design, advice, training and promoting Bremen-based firms.

Designlabor Bremerhaven also offers consultancy services to the region’s companies; it runs the design promotion programme, elaborates design studies and puts on further training events. The institute works on thematic priorities related to current design issues in line with the region's needs. Its findings are presented at lectures, seminars and congresses as well as in publications. DesignLabor Bremerhaven also produces project studies.

One of the institute's remarkable features is its scholarship scheme. This has existed since 1995 and has been admired and imitated both within the region and in other European countries. A group of young European designers works on a project with internationally renowned experts. The projects are innovative, practical and regionally-oriented, and are carried out with Bremen-based and international firms. The institute's partners in the scheme include firms like Alessi, DaimlerChrysler, Zumtobel Staff, Siemens, Frozen Fish International and Bosch. Some of the projects have been led by famous designers like Alexander Neumeister, Alberto Meda, Roger Tallon or Gert Dumbar. The best-known projects realised within the region are the footbridge in Bremen Vegesack and the visitor centre of EADS, the space flight company.

The funding from the Objective 2 programme was used to promote the work of DesignLabor Bremerhaven and to foster the scholarship scheme. No Objective 2 money was involved in the projects described above. At the end of 2002, DesignLabor Bremerhaven relocated into the former ferry terminal on the river Geeste (pictured).

Objective 2, Strengthening the services sector, technology-oriented establishments / technology transfer 1989 – 2006Total support: 5,438,356 €
of which ERDF: 2,719,178€


DesignLabor Bremerhaven

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