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Bremen Region Green Ring

Cycle path network in and around Bremen


The Bremen Region Green Ring project is a joint project by the City of Bremen and the surrounding area of Lower Saxony (6 rural districts, 23 towns and municipalities) to promote soft tourism in the region. The Green Ring project is a leading project of the regional development concept of the Bremen/Lower Saxony Regional Working Group. The project aims to link city tourism in Bremen with the cultural, rural tourism of the neighbouring area of Lower Saxony. The Green Ring is also a key project of Nordlichter-Weserland, which was selected as a model region in March 2002 in the nation-wide competition Active regions – the country shapes the future. Bremen’s city-border route forms an element of the green area and leisure concept of the city’s urban development concept.

The Green Ring is a network of cycle paths forming three rings around Bremen which are joined up by cross-links. The Green Ring has a radius of 20-30 kilometres and a total network of around 800 kilometres of cycle path. The cross-links make smaller day tours possible. The chief difference between the ring paths is the way they are routed through different rural and built-up areas on the edge of the city.

The inner ring route mainly runs inside Bremen. As a route close to the edge of the city, the route follows – where possible – the dividing line between built-up and country areas. It is 170 km long. The route aims to provide an experience of the edge of the city, which is clearly defined in the case of much of Bremen, and of the open countryside.

The second ring route is largely in Lower Saxony. It takes one along the edges of the Geest (sandy heathland) and its vicinity, as well as along rivers and river valleys. The two inner ring routes thus include the river basins of the Lesum, Wümme, Weser and Ochtum, which are less densely populated due to their special natural features.

The third ring route accesses the neighbouring Geest, marsh and bog areas. It mostly runs in the Geest beyond the settlement areas.

The first stage of the project was the selection of the cycle paths, the uniform signposting of the paths in Bremen and Lower Saxony, and the publication of a leisure map and a brochure.

In a second stage, information boards were set up about the Green Ring and about tourist attractions close to the route. Also, the project is presented on the Internet.

Objective 2 funding supported those elements of the project of relevance to the Bremen Objective 2 area.

The Green Ring was officially opened in mid-May 2003 with a cycle tour.

Objective 2, Strengthening the services sector Promotion of tourism
2000-2006Total support: 324,000 €
of which ERDF: 162,000€


Dipl.Ing. Julia Flügel

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Referat Raumordnung, Stadtentwicklung, Flächennutzungsplanung

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D-28195 Bremen

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