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Airport New Business Centre

Support for new start-ups in the fields of information and communication technology and aerospace


Since March 2002, the Airport New Business Centre (GZA) has been offering office space and comprehensive business support to people starting up in business in the fields of information and communication technology and aerospace. The Centre is located next to Bremen’s University of Applied Sciences, scientific institutes and other innovative companies in the Airport City commercial park. It contains around 1,600 m2 of lettable office space (subdivided into units, mostly of 30 m2 each) for young companies.

The Centre aims to provide active support to new start-ups from the neighbouring university and environs. The substantive goal is to achieve a more effective exploitation of research and development findings from the scientific institutions. The proximity to the university supports this objective and permits the companies to use university facilities. The Centre is designed chiefly to host new entrepreneurs who have graduated from Bremen’s University of Applied Sciences.

The objective is to make it possible for the companies based in the Centre to grow more quickly and efficiently by means of:

Mentoring: Throughout the initial phase, the young entrepreneurs have a skilled team on site in the form of the Centre Management, which can give them intensive backing and personal advice and help them to avoid typical management errors as they build up their companies.

Support: The companies receive information about support funding and programmes and are assisted through all the formalities. They are also preferred business partners for the in-house companies.

Networking: Companies in the Centre form part of a dynamic network of innovative firms and scientific institutes. This engenders positive effects for the development and establishment of the firms on the market.

Office services: A successful new company needs first-class office space: attractive architecture, modern in-house logistics and a comprehensive office management service provides the new entrepreneurs with a professional environment.

Since the beginning of 2003, the range of services for new businesses has been extended in the form of four so-called seed areas. The seed areas offer up to three fully-equipped work-stations which can be rented out for up to a year to individuals in the pre-start-up phase. The potential entrepreneurs are supported by the Bremen Innovation Agency (BIA) as they move towards the prospect of setting up in business. The aim of this service is to provide young potential entrepreneurs in the pre-start-up phase with low-cost working conditions, a professional environment and the chance to enter into contact with existing companies. There is the option of locating in the Centre once the business has been set up. In the first five months, seven of the nine available work-stations have already been rented out.

The Airport New Business Centre represents a service by the state of Bremen which is not provided by the commercial office rental market. In particular, the additional services and the availability of small and medium-sized office units is oriented towards the needs of young entrepreneurs. Bremen is thus boosting and encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship.

The supra-regional significance of Bremen as a technology base is being secured and extended via the promotion of new start-ups and young companies in the high-tech field.

Objective 2, Strengthening the services sector, technology-oriented institutions / technology transfer
2000-2006Total support: 4.755.014,50€
of which ERDF: 2.377.507,25€


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