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Bremen- Riverside City - Upgrading Bremen´s old harbour


For over 400 years, the Schlachte was Bremen´s main harbour and the source of income for many hostelries, inns and superior hotels. Only in 1887, when the river Weser was deepened and the new port facilities came into use, did the Schlachte finally cease to be used as a harbour and for handling merchandise.

Since Bremen´s riverside location and port function were virtually impossible for the visitor to notice, it was decided to redesign the Schlachte. The intention was to add to the popular attractions of the old town by creating an interesting area with a maritime flavour which can be reached on foot. The project aimed to make the tourists aware of Bremen as a riverside city.

First of all, the historical street pattern of the Upper Schlachte was recreated. Once the Upper Schlachte was almost finished, work commenced on upgrading the Lower Schlachte. Here, berths for boats were built in order to increase the emphasis on the maritime character. In addition to hosting reproductions of historic ships, the Schlachte also provides a berth for a fast boat to Heligoland and for pleasure boats as well as a marina for private boat-owners, who can thus berth centrally with easy access to the city.

Numerous catering establishments have been set up around the Schlachte and are helping greatly to breathe life into the area.

Another positive factor is the reestablishment of an additional link to the centre of Bremen via Heimlichenstrasse. The Teerhof bridge provides a good link between the new town on the other side of the river Weser and the Schlachte and Bremen city centre. Furthermore, the Schlachte is a soft factor influencing corporate investment decisions and offers an impressive address for local companies.

Objective 2, Strengthening the services sector, promoting tourism
1989 – 1999Total support: 20,125,208 €
of which ERDF: 10,062,604€


Ministry of Economics, Labour and Ports

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