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PFAU - Programme to promote near-application environmental technologies

Hazard illumination systems for wind power plants


The programme to promote near-application environmental technologies (PFAU) particularly supports small and medium-sized companies as they develop innovative environmental protection technologies. This assistance for innovative commercial projects aims to promote structural change, to modernise production and products, and to improve the regional environmental situation. The support is particularly intended to reduce what is in many cases a high technical and commercial risk for the applicant companies.

PFAU supports research and development projects by individual firms, collaborative projects involving industry and science, and market development projects. PFAU is implemented in Bremen by BIA Bremer Innovations-Agentur GmbH and in Bremerhaven by BIS Bremerhavener Gesellschaft für Investitionsförderung und Stadtentwicklung mbH on behalf of the Senator for Building and the Environment.

One example of a successful technological development and market launch supported by PFAU is the obstacle marking project for wind power plants by REETEC GmbH Regenerative Energie- und Elektrotechnik. REETEC, a company based in Bremen’s "energy mile", concentrates in the field of wind energy on service, maintenance, finishing and assembly, as well as the development and production of special components. REETEC’s newly developed lighting systems serve as obstacle illumination for the purpose of aviation safety. The obstacle markings meet the toughest requirements of operational safety and functional reliability.

The hazard illumination system is certified and meets statutory requirements at national and international level. The system is characterised by an extraordinary degree of flexibility, and its modular structure means that it can be built into any existing wind power plant. Small signal bodies mean that assembly on the spot is easy. Minimal electricity consumption, low wear-and-tear and the long lifetime of the lights keep operational costs comparatively low. If a failure causes a need for maintenance, the control system sends a detailed failure report which enables the technician to carry out a specific repair.

This hazard illumination system is expanding REETEC’s range of products and services for wind power. The exploitation of the synergetic effects engendered by the individual sections of the company has boosted the staff level from 38 in 1999 to roughly 100 in 2003.