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Bremerhaven fishing port

Rehabilitation of the old fishing port in Bremerhaven


Bremerhaven's fishing port was established in 1886. Despite its turbulent history, the fishing port is still Europe's main centre for fish processing and production, particularly for frozen foods. The development of the law of the sea and the severe crises in the fisheries sector in the 1970s and 1980s, which resulted in a drastic reduction of the fishing fleet, did not leave Bremerhaven unaffected.

The State of Bremen rose to this challenge and, with assistance from the EU, launched a comprehensive programme of modernisation and restructuring in the fishing port.

The oldest part of the port houses the Schaufenster Fischereihafen, a business and tourist centre containing attractions, restaurants and shops devoted to the subject of fish – a maritime experience for visitors.

Firstly, the former fish packing hall IV was restored and now provides premises for 15 trade and catering companies.

Secondly, the despatch hall of the former railway station for fish transport (Fischbahnhof) with its important steel structure was dismantled and then rebuilt at the heart of the Schaufenster Fischereihafen opposite the renovated former fish packing hall IV. It has been turned into the Forum Fischereihafen, a modern media-based centre providing information about fish and the sea. In the Atlanticum, for instance, visitors can learn in some detail about the development and use of the seas, about fishing, the fish trade and fish processing. They can tour a seawater aquarium containing fish from the North Sea and the Atlantic and, in cookery demonstrations or special cookery courses in the seafish cookery studio, they can get ideas for delicious fish dishes.

The maritime displays are complemented by multifunctional lecture rooms and halls which also provide the venue for the Theater im Fischereihafen.
In view of the specific objective of promoting the fisheries industry, the project also received funding from the Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance (FIFG) and the PESCA Community Initiative totalling almost € 1.2 million.

Outdoors, a newly designed square between the business outlets in packing hall IV and the Forum Fischereihafen provides a spot for visitors to relax as well as a venue for a wide range of special events.

This public investment has triggered substantial private investment and created some 150 new jobs.

The successful modernisation and restructuring of the fishing port is to be continued.

A centre for business start-ups and development in the field of biotechnology applications in the food industry, the bio nord biotechnology centre, has been completed close to the Schaufenster Fischereihafen. The biotech centre was supported with approx. € 12 million from the new 2000 – 2006 Objective 2 programme. There are also plans to continue repair work on the roads and supply and waste disposal pipes, most of which date from the late 19th century, and to develop disused industrial areas into attractive business locations.

The picture shows the Forum Fischbahnhof.

Objective 2, Environmental protection, site rehabilitation
1992 – 1999Total support: 23,393,926€
of which ERDF: 11,696,963€

plus funding under FIFG and PESCA


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