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Horizontal objectives

Equal opportunities

Equality of opportunity for women and men is a cornerstone of our law and is thus one of the foundations for policy-making in the European Union.

All citizens should enjoy the same opportunities and equal treatment irrespective of their gender. This principle applies to all areas of economic, social, cultural and family life.

Furthermore, the aim is to tackle not just discrimination on the basis of gender, but increasingly also inequalities due to race or ethnic origin, religious faith, philosophy, disability, age or sexual orientation.


The concept of sustainable development takes into account the needs of society for economic, social and environmental wellbeing in the short, medium and particularly the long term.

Specifically, it is about preserving, protecting and improving the environment for this and future generations, and about promoting a moderate and environmentally friendly development in order to safeguard the survival of the ecosystems.

The priority here is on combating climate change, protecting biodiversity, reducing pollution and its effects on human health, and advocating a careful and rational use of natural resources.