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Previous Programmes

ERDF Bremen 2007-2013

The strategy of Bremen’s 2007-2013 ERDF programme firstly aims to foster the transfer of knowledge and technology in the region and to boost the adaptability of the companies and the economic structure in general. Secondly, competitive urban structures are to be safeguarded and strengthened. Overall, the aim is to make Bremen and Bremerhaven more attractive both for businesses and for residents and visitors to the cities. NEXT

Programmes 2000-2006

The 2000-2006 Objective 2 programme provided European funding to support the economic and social conversion of areas with structural problems in the State of Bremen. The URBAN II Programme implemented measures to develop the economy, labour market and urban environment in Bremerhaven, particularly in parts of Lehe district, but also in neighbouring areas. NEXT

Programmes 1994-1999

Between 1994 and 1999, the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven were assisted by the Community as part of its Objective 2 area: “Redevelopment of regions severely affected by industrial decline”. Also, the URBAN Community Initiative provided funding for urban areas with particular (chiefly social) problems. NEXT