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2014-2020 List of Beneficiaries

List of beneficiaries for the Bremen/Germany region

The ERDF Managing Authority is required to compile a list of the projects, known as the List of Beneficiaries, and to publish it on the website. The List of Beneficiaries contains an alphabetical list of all beneficiaries and is updated every six months. In accepting the funding, the beneficiaries agree to their names being published in the list of projects, the “List of Beneficiaries”. The following data will be published in the List of Beneficiaries for the 2014-2020 programming period:

  • Name of the beneficiaries (only legal persons)
  • Designation of the project
  • Summary of the project
  • Date of commencement and likely completion
  • Total amount of the eligible spending of the project
  • Postcode of the project or other geographical indicators

2014-2020 List of Beneficiaries

You can find the List of Beneficiaries for the current programming period here:
Liste of Beneficiaries ERDF 2014-2020,30.06.2018 (pdf, 139.3 KB)

2007-2013 List of beneficiaries

You can find the List of Beneficiaries for the 2007-2013 programming period here: