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Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee is chiefly responsible for monitoring the implementation of Bremen’s 2014-2020 ERDF programme and for adapting the various rules to the dynamically changing socio-economic development of the State of Bremen. This will safeguard the quality and effectiveness of the deployment of the public funding from the EU structural funds and the national budgets. This taxpayers’ money should be used in a targeted way to keep fostering the development of the State of Bremen into a modern, efficient and competitive European region.

For this reason, high standards are applied – particularly by the European Union – to the planning, implementation and monitoring of the use of this money. One important aspect is the active participation of the groups in society in this process. The European Union also attaches great importance to this participation, and has included specific articles in the rules and regulations. Such participation is attained by means of “transparency” and “partnership”.

“Transparency” means how easy it is for outsiders to understand administrative decisions, and “partnership” means that the groups in society should be involved in the decisions on the use of the funding. To this end, the Monitoring Committee has been set up within the system of planning, implementation and monitoring of the use of the funding; it includes representatives of groups in society from the State of Bremen and of the public administration at EU, federal and state level.