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Promotion of the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES in Bremerhaven

The expansion of the Fraunhofer Centre for Wind Energy and Maritime Technology into a Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES) in Bremerhaven is being assisted under the ERDF programme.
The establishment of the IWES as an institution of the Fraunhofer Society on 1.1.2009 substantially improved the preconditions for the development of the regional economy in Bremerhaven and the surrounding area.

The assistance is being used to develop new fields of excellence and to make the Fraunhofer IWES even more attractive for existing and future companies in the wind energy sector. The development of innovative measurement technology to determine environmental conditions for offshore wind farms and the development of systems which embrace the technical reliability and availability of wind energy facilities and offshore wind farms are the focus of the project, alongside a future new test bed for the power trains of wind energy facilities.

The improvement of the conditions of use for the wind energy sector will boost the importance of Bremerhaven in environmental policy terms.

Area of impact:Place of implementation:Total project volume(ERDF Programme):of which public-sector funding:of which ERDF funding:
Land Bremen Stadt Bremerhaven 10.000.000€10.000.000€4.520.000€[