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Airport New Business Centre

Support for new start-ups in the fields of information and communication technology and aerospace

Gründerzentrum Airport

Since March 2002, the Airport New Business Centre (GZA) has been offering office space and comprehensive business support to people starting up in business in the fields of information and communication technology and aerospace. The Centre is located next to Bremen’s University of Applied Sciences, scientific institutes and other innovative companies in the Airport City commercial park. It contains around 1,600 m2 of lettable office space (subdivided into units, mostly of 30 m2 each) for young companies.

The Centre aims to provide active support to new start-ups from the neighbouring university and environs. The substantive goal is to achieve a more effective exploitation of research and development findings from the scientific institutions. The proximity to the university supports this objective and permits the companies to use university facilities. The Centre is designed chiefly to host new entrepreneurs who have graduated from Bremen’s University of Applied Sciences.

science, research and development
Objective-2 2000-2006
Total volume of money (in €)
Proportion of funds
of which public-sector funding: 4.755.014 €
of which ERDF funding: 2.377.507 €
06.06.2000 - 30.07.2003
Bremen south
Gründerzentrum Airport
Hermann-Köhl-Straße 7
D-28199 Bremen

Tel.: ++49 421 9601-0
Fax: ++49 421 9601-150

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